Your health
and beauty

We use a strategical approach concerning your beauty issues. And beauty is impossible without health.

By choosing us, you put yourself in the hands of our top-specialists each of which is the best in their specific direction.

The highest management level is when everyone sees the result distinctly but nobody knows how it was exactly achieved.

Our clients are those people who need top-level service: thorough planning, precise actions and perfect result.

Grace Club
Individual operations’ complex for men that will help you get the cherished athletic body. A beautiful fit figure without gruelling diets and exhausting sports training.
GRACE Gynecology
A full range of medical services in the field of women’s genital rejuvenation, pregnancy and birth recovery, increasing female sexuality and orgasticity.
GRACE Plastic
The main principle of our surgeons' work is the natural surgery result. To preserve one’s unique facial features and emphasise the natural beauty of body lines. To make them exactly the way you dreamed.
GRACE Cosmetology
You will be able to achieve your personal ideal with minimally invasive procedures and hardware techniques, professional and home care, customised detox programmes and sculpting massage.
GRACE Therapy
Proper therapy is the first step towards health and beauty. Our unique sets of procedures will help strengthen the body, as well as prolong youth and restore peace of mind.
How to become
a club-member?
grace_web_960_desk_out W W W . G R A C E - C L U B . C O M M E D I C A L C L U B
All you have to do to become our club-member is to have a desire to be beautiful and healthy, as well as understanding that one is completely impossible without the other. If our values are close to you, you are more than welcome to join us at Grace Medical club.
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