About Grace
Medical Club

Look the way you feel. We don’t change you, as we only help you become yourself. We’ll help you achieve the desired harmony of health, beauty, and longevity.

Grace is

1. Medical Club rather than a clinic

Back in 2007, we started as a plastic surgery clinic but later realized that we need to offer one-stop services in order to preserve beauty, health, and longevity. Consequently, we provide not only surgical but also therapeutic, gynecological, and cosmetic services.

2. Jewel in the crown of Kyiv

Our Medical Club operates in a historic Art Nouveau mansion, thus having the extraordinary interior and exterior. This is a detached building with a protected area where your security and privacy are the top priorities.

3. European influence

Established to provide services similar to those of well-known European clinics, Medical Club Grace is more a boutique hotel rather than an ordinary clinic. Here you’ll enjoy not only medical services but also a 5* hotel experience.

4. Aesthetics in the details

Once inside, you find yourself in a lobby with a glass ceiling, majestic stairs, and uniquely decorated rooms. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident at Medical Club Grace.

Grace Medical Club is the unique premium medical club

I’m sure that Grace Medical Club has a bright future, since a systems approach to health is gaining momentum. Everyone is willing to look great and live a full life at any age. At Medical Club Grace, our experts know how to help you achieve a state of harmony and joy.

Liudmyla Kylivnyk

Founder and Mastermind at Grace Medical Club


All doctors


Plastic surgeon. Rhinologist. Board-certified doctor. Professor. Honoured Doctor of Ukraine. UAPRAS Vice President. 35 years of surgical practice


Gynecologist and endocrinologist. Aesthetic gynecologist. Surgeon. Board-certified doctor. Ph.D. of Medical Sciences. 25 years of gynecological practice


Anti-ageing therapist. Cardiologist. Board-certified doctor. 33 years of cardiology practice


Dermatologist. Beautician. 7 years of practice in cosmetology and medicine


Plastic surgeon. Board-certified doctor. 15 years of surgical practice


Gynecologist. Surgeon. Board-certified doctor. Ph.D. of Medical Sciences. 12 years of gynecological practice


Plastic surgeon. Board-certified doctor. 34 years of surgical practice


Paediatrician. Board-certified doctor. 40 years in paediatrics


Mammologist. Professor. 38 years of cancer treatment practice

Grace’s benefits


At Grace, we aim to make you feel calm and leave you out of any hospital bustle, coldness, and fear. Therefore, we make every effort to keep our guests and clients in comfort. The following options are always available for you: a detached building with a protected area and private parking, single suites with a personal nurse who’s always ready to help you, an individual meal pattern, and a constant contact with your doctor and personal manager to help fix any of your problems.

The best experts

Medical Club Grace brings together the best healthcare providers—top experts in medicine, beauty, and longevity. The Club’s experts are doctors/candidates of medical sciences, board certified doctors, active participants of and speakers at medical forums, authors of published works, and professional coaches in their disciplines.

Personalized experience

We are the first in Ukraine to offer our clients a new, one-stop, and individual solution to beauty and health management. We are the human nature improvers rather than changers—this is the key principle of Medical Club Grace.

Highest level of service

At Medical Club Grace, we ensure that our clients enjoy the highest level of service and are completely satisfied. Only at Medical Club Grace, you’ll get a personalized experience, concierge service, and 24/7 access to doctors and medical staff as well as annual postoperative support. You can be sure that we’ll hear you out and help you at any time of the day or night.

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