Skin laxity caused by weight changes or childbirth should be treated using machine-assisted techniques.

Our approach to skin laxity treatment

Sagging skin is the sign of age-related changes or extremely quick weight loss. Laxity can affect the entire body or some of its parts. We offer machine-assisted techniques which aim to treat skin laxity and tighten the body.
At Medical Club Grace, our experts use cutting-edge Ultraformer III and Infini devices. Each of them has its own specific functions yet provides great results by efficiently tightening the skin. Ultraformer III is a machine powered by ultrasound technology, while Infini is a microneedling system. We use a combination of these machine-assisted techniques.

Our expertise


the procedure

Our expert will examine your problem body areas and decide which of the two techniques will work best for you. The doctor will then define the number of sessions and duration of your treatment course.

the procedure

A machine-assisted session lasts for an hour. Each technique offers its own unique features. The device is configured individually for each client and works thoroughly on the problem area of the body.

the procedure

You’ll see the initial result right after the first session. A complete course is needed to ensure a long-lasting positive effect. The number of sessions depends on the affected area and can vary from 6 to 12.


All doctors


Dermatologist. Beautician. 7 years of practice in cosmetology and medicine


General practitioner. Beautician. 5 years of practice in aesthetic medicine


What is the right age for machine-assisted body skin tightening?

The majority of clients visit Medical Club Grace because of age-related changes. Our aestheticians don’t recommend undergoing skin tightening procedures until at least the age of 25. However, each body is unique. Our expert will examine your body and decide whether you can have your machine-assisted skin tightening procedure.

What is the best season to undergo the Ultraformer skin tightening procedure?

Our aestheticians perform skin tightening procedures using the Ultraformer device all year round. Nevertheless, your skin needs special care during summer months, so use a sunscreen with 30–50 SPF, which stands for sun protection factor, during this period.

How long does the body skin tightening effect last?

The effect may last for 3 to 5 years depending on the device and the technique which have been used. Don’t forget about healthy habits: healthy eating, exercising, and avoiding too much alcohol. They also help keep the effect longer.