We offer the lipolytic injection technique for facial rejuvenation and fat reduction in some parts of your body.

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the procedure

At the consultation, your expert will carry out a physical examination as well as define all of your risks and benefits of the procedure. Your doctor will decide which lipolytic products to be used, and draw up the treatment plan, define the course duration, and choose doses to be injected during each procedure.

the procedure

The duration of the procedure always depends on your needs. The other factors include the area to be treated and the extent of your procedure. Our expert will clean, sterilize, and mark the injection sites. You may want to have a numbing cream applied on the treated areas.

the procedure

A course consists of 3 to 10 sessions. This means that the final effect will be visible after the end of the treatment course. Our expert will assess the result one month following the end of your treatment. You should follow all of your expert’s recommendations.

Our approach to lipolytic injections

Each person’s face is unique. Some people have evenly distributed body fat, while others don’t. The question is how to get rid of excessive fat in the chin and cheeks.

We make lipolytic injections at Medical Club Grace. A lipolytic agent interacts with cells converting them into acids which are excreted from the body. Lipolytic agents only work in the facial areas treated with injections. This means that your aesthetician will be able to control the procedure completely.


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Is it safe to interfere with the natural processes going on in the face?

Lipolytic agents contain substances naturally occurring in your body. Once injected into the body, they begin to speed up the metabolism in the problem areas. Lipids are quickly destroyed and excreted from the body naturally. In other words, the product helps the body function better and faster. At Medical Club Grace, we use lipolytic agents which have been properly tested and approved.

How long does the recovery period last?

Swelling, itching, and redness may occur right after a series of injections. This is a normal body response to the injected substance. Redness will resolve quickly while swelling could persist for two to three weeks. So, you won’t be able to see the final result right after the procedure.

What is the maximum possible effect of lipolytic treatment?

Each body is different. The treatment results depend on a number of factors, such as age, anatomy, natural metabolic speed, skin function, and lipolytic agent type. At the initial visit, our aesthetician will tell you about the guaranteed effects you’ll achieve if you follow their recommendations.

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