Self-care is a sign of self-love. We suggest starting with a professional facial cleansing procedure at Medical Club Grace.

Our expertise


the procedure

Our expert will carry out an examination to see whether the procedure is suitable for you. Then he/she will choose the cleansing technique and develop an individual treatment programme based on your needs. There may be a combination of cleansing techniques.

the procedure

We offer combined non-traumatic ultrasonic AquaPure cleansing and hydradermabrasion treatment. Each technique requires makeup removal and face preparation before the procedure. One session takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

the procedure

You’ll notice the aesthetic effects right after the procedure: the softer and brighter skin, even complexion, and smaller pores. We recommend that you have your facials every 2–3 months.

Our approach to facial care

The skin of your face gets dirty daily. Even though you clean it at home, it’s not enough. At Medical Club Grace, our aestheticians perform professional cleansing. 

We offer combined non-traumatic ultrasonic AquaPure cleansing and hydradermabrasion treatment. Each technique offers its own unique features. Our expert will use the technique which best meets the needs of your skin. Machine-assisted facials require no preparation. Just a few sessions will make your skin clearer, healthier, and younger.


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Dermatologist. Beautician. 7 years of practice in cosmetology and medicine


General practitioner. Beautician. 5 years of practice in aesthetic medicine


Beautician. 18 years in medicine and cosmetology


Are there any age-related contraindications to ultrasonic facials?

Ultrasonic facials have no age-related restrictions. Moreover, such procedures help fix teen skin problems. They’re caused by hormonal changes during puberty. Regular visits to aestheticians to have the skin cleansed will help prevent breakouts. The skin will remain healthy, and teenagers won’t worry about skin imperfections.

What are the contraindications for cleansing facials?

Although cleansing facials are highly safe, they aren’t recommended to people with skin conditions, diabetes, cancer, or cold sores. Our experts often decide not to include exfoliation in the facial treatment programme if the client’s skin has large warts, papillomas, or sunburns.

Is the procedure safe during pregnancy?

We recommend that you contact our experts for a preliminary consultation. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in the body, which is why women can become hypersensitive to some products and develop allergies. Also, the emotional state during pregnancy should be taken into account.