38 years of cancer treatment practice

About the doctor

Dr. Smolanka had his clinical residency in oncology at the Oncology Department of Kyiv Institute for Doctor Advanced Training in 1982–1984. He took his doctoral programme at Ukrainian Oncology and Radiology Research Institute (presently known as National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine) from 1984 to 1987. He defended two theses: the first one in 1988 entitled ‘Combination Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer’ for a degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences, while the second one in 2001— ‘Combination Treatment of Lung Cancer’—for a degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. Ivan Smolanka has been a researcher at the Department of Abdominal Oncology since 1987. He was appointed senior researcher in 1991 and a leading researcher in 2001 at the Thoracic Oncology Department of the National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Dr. Smolanka has been a chairperson of the Breast Tumour and Reconstructive Surgery Department of the National Cancer Institute since 2003. 

He became a member of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in 1997. After a competitive selection process, Ivan Smolanka undertook surgical oncology internships at Royal Brompton Hospital (London) in 1997 and 2001 as well as at Norwich Regional Hospital (UK) in 2005.
He was elected Chief Oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2005. The board-certified surgical oncologist, Dr. Smolanka performed more than 4,500 abdomen, chest, and breast cancer surgeries. He has been the President of the Ukrainian Mammology Association since 2019.
He is an author of 297 scientific papers on surgical and combination treatment of the abdomen, chest, and breast cancer.