Grace plastic surgery clinic has become a health, beauty and longevity GRACE Medical Club

Our clinic was founded in 2007 by a team of doctors under a leading German project company specialising in the field of medical construction and equipment. The newest medical processes, equipment and logistics have been installed in a 19th century unique historical mansion.
After 12 years of our clinic’s productive work, it has become one of the best in the country in the aesthetic surgery field and we’ve decided to expand the range of our services concerning longevity medicine, general therapy and modern cosmetology. As beauty, first of all, is an external manifestation of health and peace of mind.
Therefore, we went beyond the usual. We looked at ourselves from another perspective. We assessed the needs and desires of our customers with their eyes and having conducted independent professional research, studied the global trends in medicine and aesthetics.
Our healthy, beautiful today and confident in himself and his abilities tomorrow client is exactly what the goal of our mission is and what gives meaning to our daily work. For this exact result our expert doctors went through the various stages of education and improvement and accumulated a great baggage of medical experience.
Having combined health, beauty and active longevity restoration and preservation, best expert doctors and the possibilities of a modern multidisciplinary clinic in one place, with one goal, in one concept, we have become a medical club. We have preserved something that has always distinguished us from the others and what has always been so precious — the traditions of a personified, respectful and caring attitude towards our clients in 5-star service conditions.
Grace medical club concept fully reflects our philosophy and values. After all, beauty lies in the harmony of our body and mental health.
Nowadays, Grace medical club work is based on the principles of:

  • High professionalism and our specialists’ team expertise;
  • Innovative medical technology;
  • Care for the patient, his comfort and safety;
  • Medical management for the whole family;
  • 5-star hotel service.
About Grace Medical club

Grace Medical club breaks all the stereotypes concerning medical establishments. Our club is located in a three-story late modern style mansion — a surviving architectural monument from the late 19th century.
The main directions of beauty, health and longevity medicine are represented in our club: plastic surgery, full range of cosmetology services, therapy, gastroenterology, regenerative and anti-age medicine, endocrine and operative gynaecology, intimate esthetology (plastic surgery and cosmetology).
High-level comfort and service, staff attentiveness, healthy and tasty food from our chef will create a feeling of being on a holiday in a first-class club hotel.

Grace Medical club mission

Our high calling is to create conditions suitable for health, beauty and mental harmony of our clients today and confidence in themselves and their abilities tomorrow and always. We work for your bravest, most ambitious projects and wishes coming into existence, as you will be confident in yourselves and your future with us!
We are your health, beauty and longevity top-management.