Breast Lipofilling

Ideally elastic and large breasts are the standard of female beauty. However, due to the impact of negative factors (injuries, previous mastectomy, childbirth and prolonged breastfeeding, individual anatomical features, age), the breast loses its attractiveness. Regular physical activity can improve the undesirable defects only partially. Breast lipofilling is a plastic correction of the shape and size of the breast using own fatty tissue as an implant. Qualified surgeons of the GRACE Centre will make your dream come true in an effective and safe way in the shortest possible time.

Operation indications
Before planning the breast lipofilling, it is necessary to clarify the following: necessity, indications, contraindications, and patient’s desires. Natural breast augmentation. Many women would like to increase their bust and give it a beautiful and natural shape. Then lipofilling is just for you. The necessity to correct the volume of the artificial implant. Over the time, silicone implants previously installed into the breasts can become obviously visible and give the breast the unnatural appearance. Using your own fatty tissue, this cosmetic defect can be eliminated giving your breasts a more beautiful and voluminous shape.

Correction of uneven areas, scars, or asymmetry occurred after surgery or injuries. Often after extensive surgeries or removal of tumour nodes in the breast area, ugly scars and uneven areas may occur; they can be successfully filled with fatty tissues using lipofilling technique returning the breast its original shape.

The impossibility of using artificial implants. Many women are afraid to introduce any foreign substance into their body. The patients with a high risk of malignancy are strictly contraindicated to have artificial implants which in the future can interfere with the correct oncological diagnosis. Autologous fat does not cause allergies and side effects, unlike gel fillers, so its use is much more reasonable in this case.

What is breast lipofilling?
Many women ask themselves how to preserve the beauty of their breasts and elasticity of the skin, restore the bust after prolonged breastfeeding, or, conversely, how to acquire ideal forms without surgery. The answer is very simple: all you need is lipofilling.

Breast lipofilling (lipolifting) is a safe and revolutionary method of increasing the size and correct the volume and shape of the breast by autotransplantation of the body’s own fat cells.

The procedure itself is far from new but it has recently gained wide popularity. For the first time, lipofilling by transplanting own fatty tissue was successfully performed for breast reconstruction after extensive surgery back in 1895. Later, the procedure gave way to more aggressive surgical methods (introduction of silicone and salt implants) as fatty tissue might partially or completely resolve over the time. Now breast lipofilling regains its popularity due to the invention of modern high-tech equipment and development of techniques for quality fat sampling with a high degree of survival.

Technique of breast enlargement with fat
The manipulation is very simple. Duration of operation: 1-2 hours. There are three stages:

  1. Fat tissue sampling. The areas where the subcutaneous fat tissue is the most developed are selected. It can be hips, the area of breeches or area around the nipple depending on the constitution. Small incisions are made, then the tissue containing lipocytes (adipocytes) is sampled with a cannula with a rounded end (this shape is designed to prevent the vessels injuries). The sampled material is immediately transferred to an airtight container.
  2. Purification of the sampled material. The obtained fatty tissue should be purified to get pure fat cells and separate them from the sediment. For this purpose, centrifuging and special stabilising solution are used. Improper tissues with blood cells sedimentate to the bottom. As a result, the necessary pure autologous fat is obtained.
  3. Breast lipofilling with autologous fat. When purified cells are ready for use, they can be injected in small portions into the mammary glands. The purified fatty tissue is injected in different areas of the breast (subcutaneously, intramuscularly or between the muscles but not in the gland itself) in accordance with the technique. Here, the role of the surgeon performing the manipulation is the most important factor. It is necessary the intervention to be carried out accurately to avoid possible complications and minimise the duration of the rehabilitation period.

During the procedure, both local and general anesthesia can be used. The latter is used when combining lipofilling and liposuction or at the request of a patient. The correct approach to anesthesia will help to avoid discomfort.

Contraindications to lipofilling
Absolute contraindications:

  • Diabetes mellitus as well as vascular diseases of autoimmune and rheumatic nature.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Infectious diseases of the skin in the area of manipulation.
  • Severe somatic diseases in the stage of decompensation (cardiac pathology, gastrointestinal tract disorders).

Relative contraindications:

  • Insufficient adipose layer. Breast enlargement with autologous fat is combined with liposuction. This is very convenient since the excessive subcutaneous fat is removed from the areas where it is undesirable and is transferred to the correction area. This intervention is an advantage of plump women when at once up to 500 ml of their own fatty tissue can be withdrawn from the donor areas. For those patients who are slender, their constitution is a disadvantage in this case as this procedure becomes impossible to be conducted in full due to the lack of a sufficient adipose layer.
  • The menstrual period at the time of operation. During the period, no surgeries are conducted.

Potential complications
If the conducted procedure was ineffective and was carried out by the unskilled surgeon, the following complications may occur:

  1. Breast asymmetry due to uneven fat absorption when selecting the wrong technique.
  2. Formation of fibrous tissue. After the excessive introduction of an autologous fat for a larger breast augmentation, the areas of the connective tissue formation in the form of small nodules may occur.
  3. Inflammatory processes. If you ignore the aseptic and antiseptic techniques, the mammary glands can be infected resulting in an intensive course of antibiotic therapy.

Complications can be effectively prevented by following the elementary sanitary rules and surgical techniques. It is important to choose only proven specialists. Our clinic employs the world-renowned professionals who will take care of preventing such incidents which indicate the medical incompetence.

Rehabilitation after lipofilling
The procedure of the breast lipofilling is low-traumatic and the volume of surgical intervention is small, so it prevents from scarring. The postoperative period lasts 2 weeks. The emerged hematomas and swelling in the areas of manipulation resolve in several days and do not require any treatment. In order to avoid infectious complications, the patients take a course of antibiotics.

It is important to avoid injuring the bust during the rehabilitation period. It is categorically contraindicated to do any contact sports. It is also undesirable to expose the breast directly to sunlight and undergo other thermal procedures (sauna, steam bath, solarium) as it will cause worse survival of the autologous fat.

The result becomes visible on Day 3 or Day 4 however the final result can be estimated in 6 months. During this period, a part of the cells dissolves and the breast acquires its characteristic contours.

Why us?
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