Some parts accumulate more fat cells than others. Liposculpture will give you more proportionate contours.

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At the consultation, our plastic surgeon takes into account your features and therefore discusses with you what body parts need to be corrected and reshaped. We always strive to set the right expectations. At the preoperative evaluation, you undergo the complete body check-up and have all of the necessary tests.


The procedure includes two stages: fat collection, modelling, and, if necessary, lipofilling. In the beginning, our expert takes your fat cells and then transfers them to the right places. Performed under general anaesthesia, the procedure takes two hours.


The surgeon will put special compression garments on you, which must be worn for 2–3 weeks. Depending on the extent of surgery, you’ll spend a day or two in our suite under the care of our medical staff. You need to follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations to make your recovery as efficient as possible.

Our approach to liposculpture

Everyone has problem areas. We offer you liposculpture—a new technique of body plastic surgery. It’ll help shape the beautiful contours of your body as well as restore skin tone and elasticity. Indeed, women do notice fat deposits on their waist, hips, and buttocks. And they can’t get rid of them. Workouts and diets don’t help either, but they want to have a proportionate and fit body. We want you to have such body and therefore will do our best to help you by using liposculpture.


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Can fat cells be transferred to multiple areas at the same time?

At the first consultation, our expert thoroughly examines the body parts you’d like to improve. If you have enough fat cells and no contraindications to liposculpture, our expert will transfer fat cells to the right parts within a single procedure.

What risks may I face after liposculpture?

Any potential risks can be minimized. During the pre- and postoperative periods, you need to follow all of our experts’ recommendations, lead a healthy lifestyle, and keep a proper diet. Clients who don’t heed our doctors’ recommendations may develop infections, haematomas, and scars.

When can I go on vacation after surgery?

Our experts forbid sunbathing and swimming for two months after liposculpture. Therefore, you can go on vacation only after this period and consulting with our expert.

What is included in the cost of the operation package?

The cost of the operation package includes:
• Preoperative consultations of doctors: anesthesiologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, surgeon and therapist;
• Standard package of analyzes;
• ECG;
• According to the operation: ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopic examinations;
• Intensive care ward;
• Surgery;
• Anesthesia;
• Hospital: ward, individual medical care - personal doctor on duty, personal nurse, individual meals;
• Postoperative care (first 10 days after surgery);
• Annual medical support;
• Compression underwear (1 set).