Some body flaws can be hidden under clothes, but only plastic surgery can tackle age-related changes in your facial appearance.

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At the consultation, we’ll help you choose the facelift technique, answer all of your questions, and predict future results. Before surgery, you have medical tests and undergo various examinations.


The duration depends on the technique and ranges from 1 to 3 hours. The plastic surgeon makes incisions as well as lifts and redistributes your facial tissues. We put you under general anaesthesia, so you’ll wake up with your facelift at the intensive care unit under the thorough care of our medical staff.


You’ll be wearing a special bandage for a week. During this period, you should be ready to get plenty of rest and follow our experts’ recommendations. Avoid overloading your body and come for dressings on time.

Our approach to facelifts

With a facelift, you can not only restore the desired features and shape of your face but also remove wrinkles. Our plastic surgeons use both traditional and modern circular facelift techniques. They opt for the technique which will be efficient for you.

Also, we can recommend that our clients undergo several procedures under single anaesthesia. You’d like to undergo a facelift, while our experts will offer you to undergo an eyelid lift at the same time. This way, we’ll deliver more holistic, efficient, and noticeable results.


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Plastic surgeon. Board-certified doctor. 34 years of surgical practice


Plastic surgeon. Hair transplantation expert. Phlebologist. 12 years of surgical expertise 


How to wash my hair after surgery?

During the first 5–7 days after surgery, you should refrain from washing your hair. Later on, you should wash your hair like at a beauty salon: you sit with your head thrown back. After all, you have to avoid getting the scars wet. Our medical staff would be happy to help you with that when you come to Medical Club Grace for dressings. Also, our experts don’t recommend blow-drying your hair for the first two weeks. It’s better to let your hair dry naturally.

How long does the result last after a facelift?

Surgery solely corrects age-related changes in your facial appearance for an indefinite period, but this doesn’t mean that surgery stops the ageing process. We deliver long-term and stable results (up to 10–15 years), but they depend on the client’s features.

What complications can a facelift involve?

You might have haematomas and oedema during the postoperative period. At Medical Club Grace, our doctors minimize these complications before surgery. We carry out complete body check-ups for you to exclude any possible complications. If your health status isn’t appropriate, we postpone performing surgery until you fully recover.

What is included in the cost of the operation package?

The cost of the operation package includes:
• Preoperative consultations of doctors: anesthesiologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, surgeon and therapist;
• Standard package of analyzes;
• ECG;
• According to the operation: ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopic examinations;
• Intensive care ward;
• Surgery;
• Anesthesia;
• Hospital: ward, individual medical care - personal doctor on duty, personal nurse, individual meals;
• Postoperative care (first 10 days after surgery);
• Annual medical support.