If daily workouts don’t pay off, but you still want to increase your size, then chest plastic surgery will help you.

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It’s important for our expert to make the right point about the results. Therefore, we answer all of the questions, choose the implant type, opt for the incision technique, and create a 3D model of the results at the first consultation.


The duration depends on the technique and ranges from 1 to 3 hours. Our experts give the anaesthesia you need and mark your chest before placing the implants. After the procedure, the doctor puts special compression garments on you.


You’ll spend the first few days under the care of our experts and your personal nurse at Medical Club Grace. By the end of the first week, you’ll be able to get back to work. You need to wear compression garments for 4–6 weeks.

Our approach to chest plastic surgery for men

You can endlessly bench-press at the gym, but this never helps get the chest shape you want. We offer you to bench-press once—just visit our medical club for your chest plastic surgery.

We perform pectoral augmentation using pectoral implants. Only this procedure can help shape well-developed muscles in a short time without any workouts. Pectoral augmentation will make your body more athletic and toned.


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Will my chest look like women’s breasts?

For pectoral augmentation, our experts use elastic silicone implants. They differ in shape from women’s implants. At the consultation, you’ll choose your perfect implant size. Also, our experts take into account your muscle conditions, chest width, and physique. Consequently, your chest won’t look like woman’s breasts.

When can a return to workouts be expected?

Your body needs to recover after pectoral augmentation. Swelling goes away, sutures heal, and muscles return to normal in about three months. During this period, you need to follow all of our expert’s recommendations. One of the key ones is to limit your physical activity, so we allow any type of physical activity only after three months.

What are the contraindications?

Our experts set the following contraindications for chest plastic surgery: diabetes mellitus, oncological diseases, infections, and inflammatory conditions. In any case, you undergo the complete body check-up before the procedure so that our experts can exclude any contraindications.