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Psychological support of the patient is an integral part of the premium service at our clinic, since the psychological state is as important as the state of the body. A qualified psychologist in Kiev offers his services, professional assistance to the clients of the Grace Medical Club.

From now on, the patient can use an exclusive service, resolve his psychological issues with the help of psychoanalysis. The main goal of psychoanalysis is to help the client realize and get rid of hidden mechanisms, patterns, attitudes that unwittingly damage his life.

When is a psychologist's consultation necessary?

We at Grace Medical Club provide two options for consultation - preoperative and individual consultation with a psychoanalyst. The psychologist acts as an accompanying specialist in the process of medical treatment with other specialists at the Grace Medical Club. And also, each client can turn to our psychoanalyst with a personal request that is worried in order to get closer to his solution.

A psychologist's consultation is necessary when:

  • Pain in the body and / or internal organs, when narrow specialists do not find the cause of these disorders. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the pain itself can be psychosomatic in nature and manifest itself at the bodily level.
  • Constantly repeating life situations, scenarios when it feels like walking in a circle.
  • Sexual disorders such as impotence, lack of sexual desire, fear of sex, sexual perversion (eg, exhibitionism).
  • Depression, which everyone can be prone to. Sometimes it can take both an explicit form (when a person loses interest in life) and a latent one (which manifests itself in the form of constant whining for life, weakness and senselessness to do anything).
  • Addiction (addiction), which means the lack of meaning in life without an overvalued object (alcohol, smoking, drugs, games, a loved one), which does not allow a person to live life to the fullest.
  • Anxiety, fear, obsessive thoughts that a person is not able to control, which means that he is no longer the master of his own life.
  • Eating disorders, inability to establish a healthy relationship with food, which can manifest itself through anorexia, compulsive and impulsive overeating, etc.
  • Sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, worries about the day lived, which do not let go even at night - and almost everyone has encountered this.
  • Chronic fatigue, apathy, burnout.
  • Conflicts with others, difficulties in establishing both social and close ties.

Each of these points, as well as other symptoms, can affect a person's life, leading to difficulties in the personal, family and professional areas. Therefore, it is worth contacting a specialist right now if any of the above responds to you.

Types of consultation

Preoperative consultation with a psychologist

Since changes in appearance are stressful (even if pleasant), we included a consultation with a psychologist in the preoperative package. The psychologist states the emotional and psychological readiness or unpreparedness for the operation, helps to dispel fears and worries.

Postoperative support

The rehabilitation period is a very difficult stage. And we at Grace Medical Club do everything to ensure that it goes smoothly, and the result meets the best expectations of our patients. That is why we offer each patient the postoperative support of a psychologist. This will help you relieve stress, endure rehabilitation more easily, and meet your new self.


It involves working with an individual client's request, looking for reasons for dissatisfaction with one's life or specific situations. The main purpose of this process is to help the client understand the root cause of the symptom and find a way to correct it. We also offer such a service as an individual consultation with a psychoanalyst in the format of an online meeting.


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